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Works Cited, References, and Bibliography – What’s the Difference?

For the specific records on bringing up sources the usage of MLA style with many more examples, please use the authentic MLA manual:
All data regarding MLA style as presented on this web site has been based totally on this authoritative ebook from the current Language affiliation of us.

Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA manual. Sixth ed. NY: MLA, 2003.

Works noted is sometimes known as References. These terms suggest the same thing. Each is an alphabetical listing of works referred to or works to that you have made reference. Works referred to is commonly used whilst mentioning sources the usage of MLA (modern-day Language affiliation) style, even as the identity References is used whilst bringing up assets using APA (American psychological affiliation) fashion.

MLA Works stated and Bibliography is not identical. In Works stated you best list items you have truly cited. In a Bibliography you listing all the material you have got consulted in making ready your essay whether or no longer you have honestly noted the paintings.

Entries in Works mentioned References or Bibliography are put in alphabetical order by using the final names of authors, editors, translators, etc. Or by first words of titles.

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If the primary word of the title is “The“, “A“, or “An“, and the word is getting used as an article, e.G., inside the identity: The Little e-book of Irish Clans, the entry is located under “Little” and the item “The” is unnoticed. In the title: A Is for Apple, but, the entry is positioned under A since A is used as a noun and now not as an editorial in this case.

Occasionally the item “The” is used as part of the name of an agency or magazine or journal for emphasis, e.G., The Champ, or The sports community. For internet web sites, use the URL as a guide. If “the yellow pages” is used in the URL, treat “The” as a part of the title, and list “The telephone book” alphabetically under “The“. If “part” and now not “the edge” is used inside the URL, listing the magazine identifies “the edge” below “side” and treat “The” as a piece of writing and forget about it.


  1. DO not variety entries.
  2. DO not list citations one at a time by using categories. All references are positioned in one ALPHABETICAL listing by means of first words of citations, irrespective of in which citations come from.
  3. Begin on a new web page. Begin on the sixth line from the pinnacle (or 1″ down from the top of the paper), center, and type one of the following titles: Works referred to, References, or Bibliography. The double area after the name. List all entries in alphabetical order by means of the primary word, taking into consideration the policies governing titles that start with articles.
  4. Begin the first line of each access flush at the left margin. Keep typing until you run out of the room at the give up of the line. Indent 5 areas for the second and next lines of equal access. Double-area all strains, both inside and among entries. Take into account that that is the handiest a tenet tailored from the MLA guide. You’re advised to follow the style favored by means of your trainer.

Work Cited Vs Works Cited

There is a mistake that scholars regularly have a tendency to make. They call their reference web page the work mentioned page, which is wrong. The right name for it ought to be Works stated, as the works by way of multiple authors, now not one, are cited. The Works noted web page is often used inside the Humanities, the MLA fashion, and the APA style.