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Governance of the ARGA

The organization is officially named the Academic Research Guide Association (ARGA) and was registered in MP India in 2020. We continue the tradition of organizing yearly conferences under the ARGA banner, with the latest one being held in 2020.

Our main goal is to generate and disseminate knowledge, as well as educate others about sustainable development. We have topic groups focused on clusters of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to provide up-to-date information, facilitate knowledge transfer, and encourage discussions about knowledge development and application. These groups also serve as a platform for exchange during and between the annual conferences and other activities.

Objectives of the Society

  • Our main objective is to generate research and knowledge about sustainable development. We aim to support individuals who are working towards creating new knowledge about sustainable development.
  • We also strive to disseminate knowledge about sustainable development to a global audience. It is our responsibility to share this knowledge with those who have an interest in this field.
  • Another goal of the ARGA is to educate others about sustainable development. This includes raising awareness about the urgent need for sustainable development and encouraging individuals to get involved in this work.
  • We aim to establish an information exchange for sustainable development. Our goal is to coordinate and connect the efforts of various sustainability entities and venues.


The ARGA is governed by three levels: Green members, Board of Directors, and the executive committee composed of elected officers (executive board members).

Every year, Green members elect at least two new members to serve on the Board for a three-year term. To be nominated for a board position, Green members must have at least one year of membership.

The Board of Directors is made up of 13-21 members from diverse geographic and disciplinary backgrounds. Board members may stand for re-election twice (unless elected to executive office) and are elected by Green members for a one-year term.

The Executive Board includes the President, a Vice-President, an Executive Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Director for Communications. They are elected by the Board and report to them as required. In cases of misconduct, the Board has the authority to remove an officer from their position with a two-thirds vote of its members.

The responsibilities of the ARGA membership as a whole include:

  • Choosing the location for the yearly conference;
  • Electing Board officers, who must be current Board members;
  • Approving the annual and special reports of the Executive Secretary and the President;
  • Conducting any necessary Society business not designated to the Executive Committee or an ad hoc committee;
  • Upholding its own decisions, whether made at an in-person or virtual meeting;
  • Establishing an Audit Committee to oversee the ARGA’s finances and online voting processes. This committee will consist of at least two Board members, with officers being ineligible to participate;
  • Approving the annual and special reports of the Treasurer and Audit Committee.