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The Academic Research Guide Association is a registered organization under the Govt. Act 1973 (No. 04-14-01-21652-20) and is a leading research portal for academics. Our aim is to support and facilitate the research work of professors, research fellows, and those pursuing higher degrees such as PhDs or master’s degrees. We provide them with the latest updates on conferences and publications related to their research areas.

Our goal is to create a platform that emphasizes the importance of high-quality research and inspires young researchers to contribute to the advancement of science. We continuously receive feedback from leading scientists, which helps us shape the vision and direction of our academic portal.

As an apex body, the Academic Research Guide Association promotes and recognizes outstanding achievements from all over the country. In collaboration with conference world, we regularly organize national and international conferences, with the help of our members, to promote socially responsible education practices and sustainable development in both the economic and social fronts in India.