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Academic Research Guide Association utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technology and research expertise to provide vital information to decision-makers in the global research community. Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) is centered around accepting and overseeing the needs of our stakeholders, including customers, staff, society, and the environment. We prioritize healthy control and interaction policies to ensure the long-term sustainability and continued success of our publication industry, while upholding our values and ethical foundation.

Our corporation is committed to upholding certain principles to maintain our integrity, independence, and impartiality in the publication and dissemination of information and journals. We strive to provide our global clientele with reliable and objective research and related information, which requires us to maintain our honesty and impartiality at all times.

At Open Association of Research, Society USA, we follow the principles of Corporate Ethics,

  • Global Publication, Unique Research Material Availability, and Performance-Based approach.
  • Our esteemed researchers, scientists, engineers, and other professionals are the backbone of our business, and we aim to align our expertise with these ethics to deliver desired behaviors and outcomes.


In this strategy, we aim to outline how our industry can adhere to global standards in a meaningful way. As time passes, we anticipate that these focus areas will expand and our strategy will gain recognition on a global scale.

Corporate Responsibility for us involves considering a business’s financial bottom line, its impact on communities and society at large, and its relationship with the environment. It also involves identifying ways in which we can consistently prioritize the needs and concerns of our key stakeholders, while practicing responsible business conduct and minimizing negative impacts.

We focus on specific areas that strengthen our CR practices. For each program, we will provide detailed policy documents outlining our implementation strategy and objectives. Our policy sets out our commitments and serves as a framework for our ongoing CR practices. Each commitment is assigned an owner and a performance goal, whether it is to meet regulatory requirements, achieve a specific quantitative target, or strive for a leadership position. These goals will be reviewed annually and evaluated against relevant global benchmarks deemed appropriate for Academic Research Guide Association.

As the primary umbrella organization, Academic Research Guide Association is an international platform that accredits Scientists, Engineers, Managers, Doctors, and Professors from all fields of research. We aim to promote the publication of high-quality research papers, review papers, and other scholarly works. Our members offer original, survey, and review papers in their respective fields, promoting insight and understanding of the current trends and philosophies in knowledge. Our affiliated journals showcase unpublished materials and select exceptional papers for publication at the discretion of the Editorial Board.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Academic Research Guide Association has a policy for Publications that reflects its values as an accrediting association and its approach to doing them. This Code contains essential association policies, provides details of potential relevant queries with examples of what the policy means, and emphasizes the importance of ethical conduct. The performance of the Peer Review Board is evaluated annually by the Association Group with respect to the Code and its related policies.

Academic Research Guide Association requires its staff to conduct themselves in a professional manner in accordance with the various laws, regulations, and codes of conduct that are applicable to them in their respective countries. The Code applies to all levels of employees, including directors, officers, and staff of Academic Research Guide Association and its subsidiaries.

All employees are required to acknowledge that they have received and obtained a copy of the Code and understand their obligations to comply with the values and policies outlined in the document. To further support a culture of ethical publication conduct throughout Academic Research Guide Association, all staff members are required to complete a mandatory online education course related to the Code, unless prohibited by law or cooperative agreements.


Our main objective is to prioritize the publication, review and evaluation of our performance, which is delivered as a part of a global program.

Our team works in a diverse range of cultures and perspectives. We are strengthened by the unique talents and perspectives of our staff who collaborate to provide intellectual, integrated information and effective systems. Furthermore, we believe that diversity is a crucial driver of the growth we seek in business. To emphasize our efforts towards diversity, we regularly assess, evaluate and publish our performance alongside our diversity program, thereby promoting a culture that appreciates differences, encourages open discussions, and values candid feedback.

Community Impact

At Academic Research Guide Association, we actively promote and support community engagement initiatives such as volunteering and recognition ceremonies. We understand that our employees can make a positive impact on the communities where we operate by offering their time, skills, and resources, while also developing their own abilities and increasing awareness of social issues. As a responsible organization, we are dedicated to using our knowledge, expertise, and resources to develop effective programs that empower individuals, families, and communities to reach their full potential. Our Community Support Policy guides the implementation of these programs.

Responsible Sourcing

The ethical standards and behavior that we adhere to at Open Association of Research, Society USA serve as a reference for our values and practices in the publishing industry. It is also our expectation that our suppliers will comply with these standards and demonstrate a similar commitment.

To reinforce this expectation, we have established a program that requires our publishers to enter into a contractual agreement with us, committing to follow our ethical code or an equivalent code of their own. We will consistently monitor the effectiveness of this program.

Environment, Health and Safety

At Open Association of Research, Society ELSA, we strive to minimize any negative impact our operations, products, and services may have on the environment, the community, and the occupational health and safety of our employees and visitors. We regularly assess and measure our performance in line with our Environmental and Health & Safety (EHS) Strategy.

To fulfill our environmental responsibilities, we implement relevant policies, provide digital products to reduce paper usage, offer environmental news, and encourage our employees to engage in sustainable practices.

Open Association of Research, Society U.SA is committed to sustainable development and maintaining a pollution-free environment, while complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We continuously evaluate our performance through the Corporate Governance Committee and take necessary corrective actions to achieve constant improvement.

Our Clients

At Academic Research Guide Association, we prioritize our customers and are committed to providing them with innovative and suitable solutions for their publication needs while also upholding our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of client relationships and data.

We strongly believe in the provision of accurate information and are dedicated to protecting private information, including client data, at all times. Our Code of Business Conduct and values provide guidelines for safeguarding such information.

We also recognize the importance of engaging with our clients and have established programs to enable open communication and better understand their needs. Through our Front-End client approach, we strive to gather client insights, improve business performance, and ultimately provide better service to our valued customers.