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  • We target to support and develop the honesty and pride of the talent pertaining to all research fields.
  • We seek to practice our knowledge and talent for the development of human welfare.
  • We are truthful and unbiased in our communications with our learners, equals, employees, managers, customers, patients, all the stake-holders and the research community.
  • We attempt to improve the ability and respect of the talent and exercise of our research field by valid actions and by sharing the outcomes and conclusions of our research by theoretical and commercial activities, or public facility.
  • We should pursue to preserve and enlarge our specialized knowledge and talents.


  • We intend not to obligate scientific wrongdoing, defined as production, fabrication, or plagiarism. However, scientific mistake or improper explanation of research figures that may arise as part of the scientific procedure does not establish scientific wrongdoing.
  • We avoid unsuitable conflicts of attention and possible abuse of privileged situations. ARGA members intend to have transparent policy which ensures complete disclosure of monetary and other interests that might cause a conflict in ARGA actions.
  • We stand by the ARGA principles of accrediting.
  • We take charge to report ruptures of the Rules of Conduct and to mention appropriate answers.
  • We do not characterize any position as being that of the ARGA without it has the approval of the suitable unit of the ARGA .
  • We, here by accept membership in the Society, & approve to stand by this Code of Ethics.