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Open standards are based on the following principles:

  1. Free circulation: Anyone can use our standards to enhance their knowledge without any payment of royalty or other fees.

  2. Consequential impact: The circulation policy should be followed while making modifications /corrections.

  3. Author’s standard trustworthiness: The policy should not allow modified standard circulation without clear instructions in the circulation policy for built form. It should also reflect the consequential impact of changing the name or version from the original standard.

  4. Discouraging favoritism: The policy should discourage any favoritism against any person or team.

  5. Discouraging discrimination against fields of endeavor: The policy should allow everyone to use the standard for genuine research, irrespective of commercial or inherent purpose.

  6. Sharing of policy: The policy for circulating standards should be open to all, and no one should be required to apply for additional permission. The policy should be like an open general license.

  7. Equal rights for standard circulation: Permission for the standard should not be dependent on another standard. Everyone should have an equal right to standard circulation, as specified in the original approval in the original standard’s circulation.

  8. Compatibility for any standard: The policy should be compatible with any standard, and there should not be any restriction for a particular standard.

  9. Techno-friendly policy: The policy should not be restricted to a single standard or system.

ARGA is a non-profit organization formed to serve the research society and provide innovative solutions to the publication needs of its esteemed researchers. The team of experts from various fields across the globe takes care of the organization, ensuring growth, prosperity, and a bright future for all stakeholders.


ARGA aims to:

  1. Act as a terminus station where all knowledge-hungry people/researchers can end their search.

  2. Be a center for quality standard-setting organization, bringing up genuine talented researchers’ community whose outcomes are unique and free from plagiarism, manipulation/fabrication of texts.

  3. Keep close track of every change taking place in the open standard community and share it with stakeholders.


Values or ethics play a role of foundation stone in any organization. ARGA believes in:

  1. Open prominence: Everyone must obey the corporate rules in simple language, with no deviation permitted.

  2. Open involvement: Seeking public opinion and involving organizations in generating and implementing new ideas for the benefit of stakeholders.

  3. Free accessibility to standards: Everyone should have free access to all documents/records /specifications related to standards and act accordingly for their implementation.

  4. Common benefit: Safeguarding the interests of all customers/readers/researchers /employees /management team and the entire research society, bringing happiness through an extra mile for an extra smile for everyone.

  5. Multiply sharing and eliminate repetition: Information sharing eliminates worry about repetition and encourages new idea generation, ultimately influencing global infrastructure.

ARGA serves the entire research community for genuine research, which is free from plagiarism, data manipulation/fabrication, without charging a single cent for the betterment of humanity. It encourages research articles on various topics, including computer science, technology, engineering research, medical research, science research, management and business, and social science.